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Why do you need want necessity a portfolio?

Portfolio is needed to post the results of their work, as well as to demonstrate the growth of professional achievements. Thanks to the portfolio you will be able to attract the attention of potential customers and employers.

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Nilufar Astanova Nilufar Astanova Tarbiyachi Меҳнат стажи 17 йил. Мазкур вазифада 2002 йилдан ишламоқда. Н.Астанова кўп йиллик тажрибага эга илғ... Telegram
Навбахор  Абдулхакимова Навбахор Абдулхакимова Преподавательница русского языка и литературы 1986-1991 йиллар РСФСР. A.С.Серафимович номидаги Волгоград давлат педагогика институти талабаси...

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