Site rules

The site is intended for users to post their own work in order to promote their own name and advertise their own skills and knowledge in graphic and textual representation.

In connection with the above on this site is prohibited:

  • To place someone else's material and material not belonging to the user
  • Place any material violating or contrary to the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  • Post images with watermarks of other services
  • Post pornographic images
  • Post images containing scenes of violence
  • Post images that are offensive
  • Artificially or through special services to wind up indicators of the views of users
  • Use in the job description obscene or offensive words and phrases.
  • Advertise third-party resources by placing links to external sites in the job description, as well as outside the fields allowed by the site's functionality.

User has the right to:

  • Post links to your profile in the services available in the profile.
  • Post work with a detailed description and attached images
  • Choose one of the possible work design templates.

The administration has the right to:

  • Unilaterally, without notifying users, change the rules of the site
  • Delete or edit the work of users in case of violation by them (users) of any of the paragraph above described rules.
  • Delete or block the user after repeated violation of the rules.